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Shop No-13 Near BBL Public School Dheeraj Nagar Part - 2 Sector 30 faridabad

Lizard Control Service

Lizard Control Service

The familiar ‘tuc – tuc’ sound during nights is a common phenomenon in most Indian homes in Delhi and beyond. Are you the one who feels irritated and disgusted at the sight of them? You are probably in for a company. We hate them as much as you do. But is there a way out? Sure there is. All that you need to do is get to us. We, the New Sai Pest Control Lizards crawling all over your walls is not just an unwelcome sight that you don’t like but also poses serious health risks. While there are plenty of lizards pest control options out there, they are as toxic and harmful as the pest themselves. If you are the one who prefers eco-friendly techniques of lizards pest control, contact us without any further delay. Choose one of our superb remedies and get rid of lizards from your living space permanently.

One stop destination for Lizards control

We like to welcome and host guests in our home, but no one wants to host uninvited guests like lizards. The site of a lizard suddenly after switching on the light during night time brings Goosebumps especially for girls. Of course lizards reduce the count of insects in your home by eating them but also create lot of nuisance. It would be very embarrassing to find insects in kitchen or on our bed. Aren’t you unable to control lizards even after using naphthalene balls? Then we have a team of experts who can push lizards out of your habitat by following Eco-friendly procedures that won’t damage any other things in your home.

Health Hazards from Lizards

Even though they don’t bite, your food becomes poisonous if any lizard unexpectedly falls in it. Therefore you must get rid of lizards to protect your life and for keeping your house clean. It is very easy to remove one lizard, but it becomes difficult to handle multiple lizards. New Sai Pest Control pest control service has trained talented staff that can make your house inhospitable for lizards.

What we do?

Lizards mostly hide under, furniture, shelves or in the dark regions of your home or factory. Upon your request, our team will arrive at your doorstep with harmless pesticides and equipments that force lizards out from every corner of your home. We follow smart techniques to capture and leave them at far away distance from your site. Initially our team will try to eliminate their main intake i.e. insects by using some pesticides and then we concentrate on removing lizards.

Don’t worry about the price, we usually charge less amount than our competitors and ensure no lizard enters your factory or shop in future. We always want to stand at the top of pest control service providers, so we provide 24/7 lizard control services at any location in Delhi NCR.