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Shop No-13 Near BBL Public School Dheeraj Nagar Part - 2 Sector 30 faridabad

Sanitizing Disinfection Services

Sanitizing Service

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Clinical proven & laboratory tested these services are safe, environment-friendly and leave no adverse effect on human health. With the keen support of our experts and professionals, we are capable of providing a large array of quality services. With their in-depth knowledge, innovations and logistics attitude our services are well adopted by the clients all over the continent. Various renowned hospitals, famous hotels, and well-known organizations are associated with our organization. healthy services to the customers. We’re serving the people with active, efficient and effective services, since years now.

What is a sanitizing service?

Our Sanitizing service is a specialized, in-depth sanitizing treatment intended to combat dangerous pathogens on high-touch surfaces and other relevant areas.  Some methods may include but are not limited to: calibrated direct wet mist application of 50 microns or larger with environmentally-friendly, EPA approved materials. Large and small area wet mist space fogging reaching difficult areas in relatively short periods of time.

What are the benefits?

By treating high-touch areas such as doorknobs, handles, work surfaces, and phones, your team can return to work with peace of mind. This service will also help you uphold health standards in your office or facility. Instill confidence for your clientele that you are taking every precaution necessary.

Does the service combat COVID-19 and other dangerous pathogens?

Yes, the materials used are labeled and EPA approved to attack COVID-19 (Human Coronavirus) along with dozens of other viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This includes but is not limited to Hantavirus, Influenza A (H1N1), Salmonella, Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

What are ideal use cases for this service?

While we can create a custom quote for most facilities, ideal environments for the service are retail stores, schools, entertainment venues, offices, recreational facilities, municipalities, distribution warehouses, and food processing facilities.

How do you apply the materials?

We use multiple application methods to ensure the most effective service, customizing our approach to your facility. Our methods can include spraying, misting, and fogging. As experts in calibration and specialized delivery options for endless scenarios we develop approaches that make sense for your unique facility and situation.

Do I need to prepare my facility for treatment?

Very little preparation is required from your team, but a preparation list will be provided in advance. This will ensure you are fully prepared and able to benefit from the most effective service.

Will I need to close my facility for a long time after service?

In most cases, the building can be reentered in as little as an hour after the service has been completed.